Although people use a variety of industrial man lifts for performing different tasks, cherry pickers, also known as boom lifts, are among the most popular. These man lifts perform specific functions that save time and money while reducing stress for operators and workers. Without cherry pickers or custom boom lifts, certain types of work would be difficult, if not impossible, to perform.

Taking full advantage of industrial man lifts will allow your company to stay competitive. By using the appropriate mechanical device, a greater amount of work can be done. In addition, using this equipment allows work to be done quicker and without risk of injury to the operator/worker or damage to the material.

Reasons for Using Cherry Pickers and Boom Lifts

Cherry pickers are known by many names, including man lifts, basket cranes, elevated work platforms, and boom lifts. This type of aerial work platform is designed with a bucket or platform on which a worker stands. A hydraulic system lifts the bucket or platform to the required height.

Boom lifts

By design, these man lifts are usually mounted onto the back of a large vehicle. However, they can also be mounted to a paneled van, flatbed, self-moving platform, or standalone trailer. Regardless, the bucket or platform on which the worker stands makes it possible to perform difficult tasks. Included in the design is a double set of controls for manipulating the position of the bucket or platform.

Some cherry pickers and custom boom lifts have telescoping arms that extend workers’ reach. While there are different types of cherry pickers, such as articulated and stick, articulated lifts are generally better when working in tight spaces or needing to clear obstacles. As for operation, these man lifts are powered by a diesel engine or electrically controlled with special batteries.

Originally, cherry pickers, aka boom lifts, were used to pick fruit in orchards, thus the name. However, these man lifts are now used by many industries and for a variety of applications, such as putting up Christmas light displays, helping firefighters rescue people on top floors, servicing telephone poles, completing the tops of statues, painting multi-floor buildings, trimming extremely tall trees, and more.