Self Dumping Hoppers

A hopper makes material handling and dumping of bulk materials and waste easy. Hoppers may be used in construction, warehousing, agriculture and other material handling industries to process, dispose of or relocate material. The versatility, dependability, and variety of hoppers and dumpers make them an essential component for any worksite dealing with large or unmanageable material.

MP Industries, Inc. offers a variety of hoppers to suit your needs. Our low profile dumping hoppers are designed to meet height restrictions that standard hoppers are unable to meet. They are commonly used under work stations, conveyors and presses where space is limited. Self-dumping hoppers are designed for industrial, commercial, institutional and other rugged applications. Our self dumping hoppers or dumpers attach to forklifts. They usually operate by picking up the raw materials or refuse and then automatically returning to an upright position and locking so that they may be reloaded. We also offer Portable Steel Hoppers, Steel Chute Hoppers, Open Ended Steel Dumping Hoppers, and many more to suit your facility’s needs. We can custom design a Hopper for you! Contact us for a professional consultation with our sales technicians today.

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