B737 Maintenance Tail Dock

Our Boeing 737 Maintenance Tail Dock provides complete access to vertical and horizontal stabilizers, the APU cavity, and AFT fuselage areas. Maintenance on this area is critical and our aircraft tail stand offers enhanced worker safety for routine inspection, modification, overhaul, and repair of the aircraft empennage. 

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B737 Maintenance Tail Dock

 Our B737 Maintenance Tail Dock takes a modular stand set approach with options of steel or steel and aluminum construction combination. Our technology results in a very mobile, light weight, yet durable maintenance platform-proven in both the Commercial Aviation Aircraft Maintenance and U.S. Military MRO sectors. All design and fabrication of stands meet or exceed OSHA Fall Protection Standards. We can also build these tail docks in conjunction with wing stands or nose docks.

Boeing 737 Maintenance Tail Dock

 The aircraft maintenance platforms are generally comprised of left-hand (LH) and right-hand (RH) sub-assembly half-docks. Each half-dock consists of a main deck (stabilizer platform) located below three upper-platform catwalk areas, depending on aircraft type and maintenance work being done.

Boeing 737 Maintenance Tail Dock  Boeing 737 Maintenance Tail Dock


 • Leveling and stabilizing jacks
 • OSHA compliant guardrails and toe-boards
 • Designed-for-purpose non-slip decking on platforms
 • Heavy duty 12” swivel casters with brakes and swivel locks
 • Articulating stairways ultimately self-adjusting for height differentials
 • Sliders allow for contouring to the profile of aircraft tail due to variations of stand placement.
 • Adjustable sliding deck sections with non-marking protective rubber bumper along slider edges 
 • Pricing includes: Design, Engineering, Manufacturing/Fabrication, On-Site Installation/Training,COTS Operations Manual.

Boeing 737 Maintenance Tail Dock  Boeing 737 Maintenance Tail Dock  Boeing 737 Maintenance Tail Dock


Articulating Stairs:
Articulating stairways constructed to meet OSHA Standards for safety and fall protection allow for ease of travel amongst technicians, ultimately self-adjusting for height differentials while maintaining level steps with negligible differences in appropriate ranges for climbing angles.

Fall Prevention:
Guardrails in compliance with OSHA requirements are included around all open edges of the working platform. The top of the guardrails on the top platform are 42 inches above the top deck with a proper mid-rail, and can sustain 200 lb. lateral loading forces for safety. Four-inch high toe-boards are also provided. A self-closing hinged gate closes off the work platform upon entering from the stairs.

Platform Height Adjustability:
Ganged jacks allow for raising and lowering the platform while enhancing the user experience by allowing the operator to adjust the platform height infinitely without the need for a fork lift. The jack is designed to provide low cost, ridged, mechanically synchronized jacking free of unwanted movement. Our proprietary “puck” system ensures the telescoping tubes are always centered with zero deviation. All parts and components are precision laser cut and CNC machined to tight tolerances.

Tool Trays:
Two powdercoated self-draining tool trays are provided in preferred locations.

Aluminum is inherently corrosive resistant, and does not typically require protective finish. Therefore, the majority of the stand will not be finished. However all of the guardrails and toe-boards may be finished in a safety orange powder-coating.

The following documentation will be provided at the completion of the project.
• All MSDS documentation for all coating processes and hazardous materials.
• A Certificate of Conformance (COC) for each stand signed by CvI's QA representative.
• Two hard-copy sets of operation and maintenance manuals will be provided.
• Operation and maintenance manuals will also be provided in electronic format.
O&M manuals will include:
o Safety Hazards and Cautions
o Correct Operating Procedures
o Recommended Preventative Maintenance Schedule
o Suggested Spare Parts

Boeing 737 Maintenance Tail Dock  Boeing 737 Maintenance Tail Dock  Boeing 737 Maintenance Tail Dock


All options provided at every level

Optional air and electrical utility stations
Optional lighting

Installation Pricing:

Within the Continental US
Includes On-Site Installation per set at USA locations (approx. 40-45 days). This price includes labor, material, equipment rental, travel, lodging) Install figure includes final assembly, operator training and comprehensive technical manual.



On-Site Installation per set at specified locations (approx. 40-45 days) Includes labor, material, equipment rental, lodging, flight not included) Install figure includes final assembly, operator training and comprehensive technical manual.






Non-North American Countries
 $87,725.00 + airfare

 •1 x Experience Senior assembly technician
•(Assumed project duration 40-45 days)
•1 x Design engineer (intermittently as required)
•All living and subsistence expenses included
•Any specialist tools required
•Our crew will have their own rental vehicle
•Exceptionally expensive locations will require an additional consideration

We suggest that each specific client be responsible for the provision of local labor, we can provide a schedule of what will be required in terms of head count and equipment. In this way the installation cost which otherwise would be greatly inflated by the inclusion of airline tickets, additional expenses and insurance can be avoided. This approach has the advantage of making the installation cost more in-line with local rates in lower cost economies, or the customer may opt to provide their own labor.

For tail docks typically we will require rental or use of a 30-50 ton mobile jib crane for and driver, a telescopic forklift, small conventional forklift & at least 1 boom lift. We estimate a crew of between 4 & 5 relatively experienced steel erectors with a reasonable command of English or a capable translator. The crane will not be required for the duration, however the other access and lifting equipment will be. The local install crew should have their own tools, which is typical for a steel erecting crew.


 This maintenance platforms are for use during all aspects of aircraft maintenance, including aircraft jacking operations. Each half-dock can be adjusted in height. Similarly the main deck can be height adjustable independent of the overall height of each half-dock to follow the contour of the horizontal stabilizer of the aircraft.

 MP Industries, Inc. is dedicated to developing the most innovative aircraft tail maintenance stands through research, engineering, manufacturing, and marketing of the finest materials available. All of our products may be modified or completely custom designed to suit your needs. We offer a Custom Aircraft Maintenance Tail Dock, custom-built per order to satisfy all of your tail dock maintenance needs. These Tail Docks are constructed from the highest quality aluminum or steel. Contact us for a professional consultation with our aviation sales technicians today!

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