Universal Aircraft Tail Dock

Our newest innovative engineering design is a multi-aircraft compatible, height-adjustable Universal Tail Dock!!! This multi-level work platform is perfect for inspection, maintenance and repair on the empennage of it's several compatible aircraft!

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Universal Aircraft Tail Dock

 With nearly 20 years of experience, MP Industries, Inc. his quickly becoming a world leader in the design, manufacturing and turn-key delivery of aircraft maintenance equipment, including docking systems, stairs, stands, and working platforms. Our specialized equipment allows safe access to aircraft, enabling customers to conduct miscellaneous activities on their fleet such as, but not limited to; aircraft maintenance, painting, assembly, repair, inspection, etc.

 MP Industries, Inc. has the ability to supply both standard turn-key products for the most common access points on aircraft as well as custom tailor-made docking systems for specific customer requirements. The Docking System Platforms are for use during all aspects of aircraft maintenance, including aircraft jacking operations. Each half-dock can be adjusted in height. Similarly the main deck can be height adjustable independent of the overall height of each half-dock to follow the contour of the horizontal stabilizer of the aircraft.

 Today, we are very proud to bring to you our newest innovative engineering design: a multi-aircraft compatible, height-adjustable Universal Tail Dock!!! This multi-level work platform is perfect for inspection, maintenance and repair on the empennage of it's several compatible aircraft! We are happy to customize a version for your needed specifications. Call and speak with one of our knowledgeable aviation sales consultants today!

Universal Adjustable Tail Dock Main Image


Universal Tail Dock

The Universal Tail dock consists of a tower structure with 1 cantilevered work platform. The work platform is height adjustable to suit the aircraft types described. Padded adjustable sliding panels fit aircraft contour for safe and easy access for a variety of sizes. The height adjustment of the work platform is electrical driven. Optionally the tail dock can be movable by means of self-propelled wheels or towing by a vehicle (vehicle from client). The self-propelled wheels option has its own power supply on the tail dock, the power supply is diesel driven. The tail dock is designed for hangar use and parking only.



The Universal Tail Dock is designed to service the following aircraft:

  A320 family  • B747
  A330   B757
  A340  • B767
  A350   B777
  B737   B787


As our company-wide standard our designs meet all applicable standards and Health & Safety regulations.

Universal Tail Dock Materials of Construction:

 This unparallelled and exclusive product is manufactured from the highest grade materials available. One discriminating feature is that it includes both a carbon steel AND aluminum construction, as specified below:

Carbon Steel Features Aluminum Features
Painted and hot dip galvanized steel, corrosion protection according class C3
(Upon request a higher grade painting system can be quoted)
Color scheme according to customer request
Aluminum : Non-anodized
Flooring : Aluminum checkered plate

Docking System Standard Features

Universal Tail Dock aircraft protection-non-marking and Skydrol resistant padding


Universal Tail Dock Padding:

All edges which may contact the aircraft have a non-marking and Skydrol-resistant padding for aircraft protection.

(**Skydrol is a fire-resistant aviation hydraulic fluid. Skydrol is made up of a group of chemical additives dissolved into a fire-resistant phosphate ester base stock which inhibits corrosion and prevents erosion damage to servo valves and includes a purple or green dye to ease identification. It has been approved by most airframe manufacturers.)




Universal Tail Dock-Sliding & Self-locking Panels and platforms

Universal Tail Dock Sliding Platforms:

Gap between edge of platform and aircraft contour: 2-3 inches
Maximum force during sliding for the sliding panels & platforms <= 33lbs.
Sliding panels & platforms can be shifted without risk or exertion
Platform is furnished on the aircraft side with suitable non-marking padding
Sliding platforms are self-locking


Universal Tail Dock Stairways feature 31"W Non-slip safety stair treads


Universal Tail Dock Stairways:

Standard non-slip safety stair treads;
All staircases will have a width of 31”
Inclination of the fixed staircases max. 45°;
Inclination of variable (hinged) staircases depends on the height adjustment stroke but normally between 30°-45°
All staircases will have 42"H guardrails on both sides;
The staircases which connect hangar floor with the docking systems can be closed by a safety chain and have also signage (‘’access forbidden’’).
All stairs in the docks will have a protection plate underneath to prevent falling objects.



Specifications for Universal Tail Dock:

  • Steel: painted according to section remarks
  • Aluminum: Non-anodized
  • Flooring: aluminum checker plate
  • Stair case width: 47”
  • Cantilever length: .433”
  • Work platform length: 394” (length on which can be worked on vertical stabilizer), some parts of wide body aircraft tail possible not accessible.
  • Total height tower: 70’
  • Several sliding floors are provided with pivot plates; these pivot plates make it possible to create a more or less flush connection towards the aircraft
  • Min work platform height: approx. 26’
  • Max work platform height: approx. 57’
  • Height adjustment: electrical driven, the proposed height adjustment system will be with spindles.
  • Width of walkways 39”
  • Footprint incl cantilever floor 49’ long and 27’ wide
  • Total tail dock weight: approx 40 tons (80,000 lbs.)
  • Max towing speed 3 km/h
  • Outside use is not recommended
  • Positioning time: 30 min / 5 persons


 The following documentation (1x hard-copy and 1x soft-copy*) will be handed over during final acceptance of the Docking system, all documentation will be in English language, Turkish language upon request, signage will be in Turkish based on translation from client:

  • Technical description of the docking system;
  • User & Maintenance Manual
  • CE-Declaration of conformity
  • Overview drawings (3D as-built model).
  • Spare parts list;
  • All documentation and Signage plates as per Client specifications


 MPI will train the client, concerning the operational maintenance and inspection of the Docking system. The training will have a maximum duration of 1 day, with a max of 10 persons per group, max 2 groups. After the training a complete package of documentation will be handed-over to the Client in which is exactly stated/listed when, what and how maintenance/ inspection on the Docking System need to be performed. Further included a spare parts list and instruction/ user manuals. Each Docking System module will have signage with like max load, name of manufacturing, dock type, serial number, client number, total weight, date of manufacturing, etc.

Time of Delivery:

Estimated lead time is 20-30 weeks. Lead time doeds not include delivery.

 Our time of delivery depends on the final scope of work. All lead times are subject to workload at time of ordering. MPI project manager will provide Client with a detailed planning within 2 weeks after receipt PO.


 MPI in partner has affected a special Aviation Insurance policy with a base from which MPI is assured against the material damage to aircraft caused by their workers or docking constructions against they are rightly responsible till a maximum claim for compensation is reached.


 All equipment is guaranteed to meet the performance as specified on our data sheet and confirmation of order and is warranted against defects of design, materials manufacturing and workmanship.

Site works:

 The equipment will be supplied as a knocked-down package suitable for ocean and road transportation unloading of the equipment by MPI. Final assembly of the equipment at Client’s hangar by MPI installation team.

During the assembly, the site must meet the following conditions:

  • Sufficient space for storage of material in a covered area
  • Enough free space in hangar for all described works
  • All work can commence without interruptions
  • Hangar bays available and free of obstructions during performing the described work
  • Accessible for a mobile forklift truck. Client shall arrange mobile crane including an authorized operator for the required period for assembly/installation
  • Hangar crane available incl. operator during the entire installation period, free of charge
  • Enclosable for present goods and materials
  • Electricity available free of charge
  • Sanitary, mobile office, internet connection and (drinking) water available free of charge


 Warranty provided by MPI will be strictly limited to either repair or replace defects due to poor workmanship, use of defective materials or defective design, provided these defects have been reported to MPI in writing during the warranty period, within 7 days from the moment the Customer became known or could reasonably have become known of the above-mentioned defects.

 The warranty provided does not cover any defect due to or connected with:

  • The negligence or other improper acts or omissions of the Customer, its employees or agents or other third parties.
  • Any materials, components or design provided by or on behalf of the customer.
  • Improper installation and alterations carried out without NIJL prior written consent.
  • In particular, warranty provided does not cover any defects that are caused by or related to normal wear or tear, the use of unsuitable materials by the Customer or which are caused by any use, maintenance, service or operation of the Goods delivered or services provided, which is not in conformity with approved manuals, instructions or which is otherwise not in accordance with good engineering practice.
  • The warranty obligation does not include consequential damages and costs; production losses, demounting, mounting and travel and boarding costs of personnel.

 MP Industries, Inc. is dedicated to developing the most innovative aircraft tail maintenance stands through research, engineering, manufacturing, and marketing of the finest materials available. All of our products may be modified or completely custom designed to suit your needs. We offer a Custom Aircraft Maintenance Tail Dock, custom-built per order to satisfy all of your tail dock maintenance needs. These Tail Docks are constructed from the highest quality aluminum or steel. Contact us for a professional consultation with our aviation sales technicians today!

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