Pallet Inverter

This Pallet Inverter is used to turn material, recover damage, square up loads, and reduce labor and disability costs associated with back injuries.  This pallet inverter can easily be transported by a fork lift and has a free standing 180 degree inverter with single clamping plate and is equipped with safety rails and guards.

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Pallet Inverter

 Our Pallet Inverter is engineered to reduce your costs in production, storage, retrieval and distribution. The 180 degree rotation makes pallet exchange quick and simple while reducing product damage. 


Easy load transfer from wood pallet to plastic pallet, slip sheet or rental pallet. Features safety rails and guards. Units can be loaded and unloaded easily with a fork truck. Features safety rails and guards.




 • Safety rails and guards standard
 • Significant reduction in back injuries.
 • Quick, efficient removal of broken or damaged product.
 • Pendant control is easily accessible to lift truck operator.
 • Free standing 180 degree Inverter with single clamping plate.
 • Can be transported and loaded by forklift with built in fork pockets.
 • Easy load transfer from wood pallet to plastic pallet, slip sheet or rental pallet.
 • Control options range from standard pendant controls to fully automated systems.

**All measurements in the table are represented in inches and pounds.

Pallet Inverter

Model # Max Load Jaw Opening Height Control  Weight  Price
W L Min to Max 
  PI-S-4400-3761 50 50 36" to 63" pendant 4048 $31,630.00
 PI-S-4400-3761-L 50 50 36" to 63" lever 4048 $56,556.00
  PI-S-4400-4373 50 50 42" to 75" pendant 4268 $32,630.00 
  PI-S-4400-4373-L 50 50 42" to 75" lever 4268 $27,778.00
  Hand Pendant control Standard/NEMA 12 Rating Standard


 Our Pallet Inverters are engineered to reduce your costs in production, storage, retrieval, and distribution, as well as reduce employee injury.  MP Industries, Inc. is dedicated to supplying cost effective solutions for your business. Contact us for a professional consultation with our sales technicians today.

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