Aluminum Crossover Ladder

Our Aluminum Crossover Ladder allows your workers to comfortably and safely walk over conveyors, duct work, walls, or other obstructions. We offer our design manufactured from industrial-strength aluminum in many sizes to clear obstacles of various heights and lengths. The all-welded aluminum construction with standard mill finish requires no field assembly.

OSHA and ANSI Compliant


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Aluminum Crossover Ladders

Our Aluminum Crossover Ladders are offered in many sizes to clear obstacles of various heights and lengths. When placed at the most advantageous location, the crossover ladder is highly rated for promoting workplace safety. Our crossover stairs are constructed from the highest grade aluminum and are built to withstand years of industrial use.


 • 1” Square aluminum construction  • 300 lbs load rating
 • 24”W Serrated treads  • 57 degree industrial slope
 • Mounting plates or Rubber end caps  • 30” High handrails
 • Non sparking, non magnetic  • Completely customizable

Our Aluminum Crossover Ladders are available in our Standard Design as well as in a Space Saver Crossover design. Our Standard Aluminum Crossover Ladder is offered in a variety of design configurations. 


Aluminum Crossover Ladder Tread 

**All measurements in table are represented in inches and pounds.


Model #  # Steps Platform Clearance Base Price
C04035GA-SP 4 24 35 37 21 26 75 $1,455.00 
C04042GA-SP 4 24 42 37 28 26 82  $1,535.00
CO4049GA-SP 4 24 49 37 35 26 89 $1,575.00
CO5035GA-SP 5 24 35 47 21 26 91 $1,695.00
CO5042GA-SP 5 24 42 47 28 26 98  $1,855.00
CO5049GA-SP 5 24 49 47 35 24 105  $1,934.00
CO6035GA-SP 6 24 35 57 21 24 103 $2,014.00
CO6042GA-SP 6 24 42 57 28 24 110 $2,173.00
CO6049GA-SP 6 24 49 57 35 24 117 $2,333.00
Aluminum Crossover Ladders Underclearance Height
Optional Items Available:
-Yellow finish or other
-500-1000 lbs load rating HEAVY DUTY
-Custom clearance height and length
-California OSHA compliant design

MP Industries, Inc. can custom fabricate virtually any type of Cross Over Ladder. Our expertise includes in-house research and development, fully integrated manufacturing and an extensive materials line. With years of design, engineering and manufacturing experience, our dedicated staff can assist you from concept to completion in a timely fashion. All of our ladders are made in the USA and meet OSHA and ANSI standards.

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