Heavy Duty Scissor Lift

Our Heavy Duty Scissor Lift is utilized to move personnel and their tools or equipment to a desired working level. Features include a large 3' x 8' platform for larger working area.

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Heavy Duty Scissor Lift

 Our Heavy Duty Scissor Lifts are perfect for all manufacturing and warehouse facilities. They feature large 3’x 8’ platform with serrated grating deck to assure secure footing. Leveling jacks secure unit to the floor and compensate for uneven surfaces (standard on floor models with raised deck heights above 15’, optional on lower height models).

Heavy Duty Scissor Lift



Heavy Duty Scissor Lift

This hydraulic scissor lift is constructed of carbon steel and boasts a 1000 lbs. rated load capacity.  They are manually propelled and roll easily on (4) 8: swivel casters..

The platform is enclosed with 42"H guardrails and 21" mid-rails with 4" toe-boards and a safety gate that swings inward, for extra worker protection.




 • Built-in ladder  • 8”HD swivel casters
 • Serrated grating deck  • Manually propelled
 • Deep gray enamel finish  •Large 3’x 8’ platform
 •Totally enclosed platform  • Self-storing outriggers
 •4” toe-boards and swing-in gate  • 42” guardrails and mid-rails
 • Rated Capacity 1000 lbs./four person  • Meets/exceeds ANSI requirements
 • Emergency stops located on platform to prevent unauthorized use
 • Emergency stop also located on base for use by ground personnel
 • 120 volt AC power (raise and lower) with thermal overload protection


 Self-storing outriggers extend from the base to provide maximum stability (optional on lower height models). Built-in ladder provides access to platform in fully lowered position. For operator safety both hands are required to change elevation.

**All measurements in the table below are represented in feet, inches, pounds and $USD.

Heavy Duty Scissor Lift

Model # Working Height Platform Height Outriggers Weight  Price
Min Max
 HW1-7  13'  2' 4" 7' 4"  not req'd  1700  $14,621.00
 HW1-10  16'  5'  10' 1"  not req'd  1800  $15,616.00
 HW2-13  19'  3' 12' 10"  not req'd  2000  $16,611.00
 HW2-16*  21'  5' 8" 15' 8"  required  2100  $18,238.00
 HW3-19*  24'  3' 7" 18' 8"  required  2300  $21,723.00
 HW3-22**  27'  6' 4" 21' 4"  required  2400  $23,125.00
 HW4-24**  30'  4' 1" 24' 4"  required  2700  $24,540.00
 HW4-27  33'  6' 8" 27'  required  2800  $26,112.00
*Add 20" to 4-ft base width for outriggers   **add 40" to 4-ft base for outriggers


  Air Hydraulic Power $1,298.00
  DC Portable Battery Power $833.00
  Cantilevered Platform Extension Deck $1,688.00

Options and Accessories:
-Cantilevered platform extension
-Special voltage electrical systems
-120 volt outlet on platform
-Powder coat safety orange paint
-12 volt DC deep cycle system available with battery and charger
-Air-Hydraulic Drive - recommended for hazardous environments

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