High Rise Lift Trucks

Our High Rise Lift Trucks increase worker and machine productivity by bringing materials closer to the actual height of workers. Reduces muscle fatigue and body injury of employees by utilizing correct ergonomics. Two models to choose from along with a variety of options and accessories.

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High Rise Lift Trucks

Our High Rise Lift Trucks increase worker and machine productivity by bringing materials closer to the actual height of workers. Reduces muscle fatigue and body injury of employees by utilizing correct ergonomics. Heavy loads can be lifted by electric hydraulic power and manually moved without the use of fork truck.

High Rise Lift Trucks

High Rise Lift Trucks


  • Foot brake may be set while loading and unloading for added safety.
  • 12V DC power with on-board battery charger standard.
  • Push buttons to raise and lower lift are located on power unit. 
  • Key-operated ON/OFF control for better security is built into the power unit.
  • (2) phenolic 3" x 8" rear swivel casters and (2) 3" x 2" front guide wheels.
  • Optional hand control on coil cord available.
  • Also available in extra long fork option.

Three power options to choose from:
Suffix – AC is 115V, 1 phase power with a push-button hand control.
Suffix – DC includes one (1) 12V battery, push-button hand control, an on-board charger, and a battery charge indicator gauge.         
Suffix – AIR features reciprocating air/oil power with a heel/toe foot treadle control.

For use with skids only.

**All measurements in the table below are represented in inches, pounds and $USD.

High Rise Lift Trucks

Model #  Fork Size Service
Capacity Operation Weight Price
W Min Max
HIPM-2772-DC 27 72












2 ,500      

12V DC Battery Operated 683 $3,828.00
HIPM-2748-DC 27  48  12V DC Battery Operated 633 $2,975.00
HIPM-2048-DC 20 48  12V DC Battery Operated 585 $2,881.00
HIPM-2772-AC 27 72 AC Powered 696 $3,828.00
HIPM-2748-AC 27 48 AC Powered 646 $2,975.00
HIPM-2048-AC 20 48 AC Powered  598 $2,881.00 
HIPM-2772-AIR 27  72 Air Powered 628 $3,359.00
HIPM-2748-AIR 27 48  Air Powered 578 $2,975.00
HIPM-2048-AIR 20 48 Air Powered 515 $2,881.00

High Rise Lift Truck Options & Accessories

 Model #  Description  Weight  Price
HIPM-PLATE   Solid platform to fit over forks 36 $296.00
HIPM-FC-AIR  Foot treadle air/hydraulic oil - reciprocating 24 N/C
HIPM-AC  24V Control, 115V AC power option 48 N/C
BCI  Battery charge indicator gauge (DC units only) 1 $105.00
HIPM-FLK  Manual floorlock 15 $270.00

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