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Cylinder Storage Cabinets

Our Cylinder Storage Cabinets are designed to provide a safe & cost effective means to isolate hazardous gas cylinders from the surrounding workplace. The steel construction holds both gas and LP cylinders in both horizontal and vertical models.

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Cylinder Storage Cabinets OSHA and ANSI compliant design

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Cylinder Storage Cabinets

Our Cylinder Storage Cabinets provide orderly storage and protection of industrial gas cylinders. Only for sale in the USA!

Protect and store your cylinders in safety with our tamper-proof Cylinder Storage Cabinet. Manufactured from steel, our cabinets are painted safety yellow for high visibility. Each cabinet is stenciled to indicate flammable storage.

Our Steel cabinets are a safe way to store cylinders. Cylinder storage capacity is based on cylinder size.  Sides are made of expanded steel for an open view design. The top, back, and bottom is made of solid sheet steel. Lockable doors protect cylinders (padlock not included). Base includes lag holes for securing cylinders.  Vertical units include chains for securing cylinders. Includes red lettered signage noting “Flammable-No Smoking” contents. Meets OSHA 1910.110 (f)(6)(ii), ANSI NFPA 55 + 58 and CGA P-1 design standards. Rugged steel construction with a baked-in powder coated safety yellow finish for toughness.


  • Constructed from solid sheet steel
  • Expanded metal sides
  • Capacity based on cyl size
  • Base includes lag holes for securing
  • Lockable doors for safety
  • Vertical units include chains
  • Painted safety yellow
  • Offer visibility of contents

Cabinets conform to Meets OSHA 1910.110 (f)(6)(ii), ANSI NFPA 55 + 58 and CGA P-1 design standards.

Click on the Model Numbers in BLUE in the table below for an enlarged picture!

**All measurements in the table below are represented in inches, pounds, and $USD.

Cylinder Storage Cabinets

 Model # Cylinder
Overall Size Type  Weight  Price
Horizontal Storage Cabinets
4 30 32   35-1/4 Unassembled  234 $830.00
CYL-H-8-KD 8 30 32 68-1/4 Unassembled 270 $896.00
CYL-H-12-KD 12 45 32 68-1/4 Unassembled 362 $1,264.00
CYL-H-16-KD 16 60 32 68-1/4 Unassembled 532 $1,668.00
4 30 32 35-1/4 Assembled 181 $830.00
8 30 32 68-1/4 Assembled  277 $1,030.00
12 45 32 68-1/4 Assembled  358  $1,320.00
16 60 32 68-1/4 Assembled  527 $1,611.00
Vertical Storage Cabinets
CYL-V-4-KD 4 30 32 35-1/4 Unassembled 220 $699.00
CYL-V-510-KD 5-10 30 32 68-1/4 Unassembled 287 $850.00
CYL-V-1020-KD 10-20 60 32 68-1/4 Unassembled 456 $1,433.00
CYL-V-4 4 30 32 35-1/4 Assembled 220 $792.00
5-10 30 32 68-1/4 Assembled 287 $896.00
CYL-V-1020 10-20 60 32 68-1/4 Assembled 456 $1,406.00
8H/10V 60 32 68-1/4 Assembled 505 $1,858.00
CYL-H8-V510-KD 8H/10V 60 32 68-1/4 Unassembled 505 $1,656.00

MP Industries, Inc. specializes in developing custom products to meet your unique workplace safety needs. To ensure a finished product that is safe, ergonomic and a good fit for your accessibility requirements, we collaborate with you throughout all phases of the design and build process. If you have unique requirements, MP Industries, Inc. has the engineering expertise and manufacturing capability to provide you with a gas cylinder cabinet. Whether you need to an existing product altered, or a completely new product engineered, fabricated, and delivered, MP Industries has the knowledge and experience to get the job done. Contact our friendly and knowledgeable sales technicians for a professional consultation today!

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