Komatsu 930E Haul Truck Work Platform 

With a 25” adjustable-height capability, our Heavy Haul Truck Work Stand Platforms accommodate several working heights for maintenance on different trucks within their range. The unique platform is designed on rollers so that it can be easily slid over to use on the opposite side and then pinned in place.

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Komatsu 930 Haul Truck Platform

 The Komatsu 930E is the best-selling ultra-class haul truck in the industry. As the size of mining equipment grows, traditional methods for component maintenance have become more hazardous. These components are conventionally maintained by medium-sized pieces of equipment, however, they are limited due to their size and lack of maneuverability and safety. Several incidents occur every year involving the equipment used in this manner.

Komatsu 930 Haul Platform

The growth in the size of mining equipment places a priority on safety and efficiency. Technological advancements continue to offer opportunities to improve safety performance and achieve operational excellence while maintaining mining equipment.

Our design of large haul truck work platforms focuses on maintenance of these large heavy components safely and easily in restricted spaces. Our Komatsu 930E Work Truck Platforms are compatible with all variations of the 930E and the Cat 793’s, although we can customize a maintenance stand to meet specific challenges.


 *Increases your equipment value* Your repair and maintenance history provides valuable information for planning and scheduling services in the future. It can also significantly add to the value of your equipment at trade-in time.
 *Maximize productivity* Your equipment operates at its optimum level when using efficient mean of maintenance operations.
 *Increases production up-time* Using a proactive before-failure approach, allows you to maximize machine availability by minimizing unexpected failures. You also can predict machine production by knowing the scheduled repair and maintenance events.
 *Puts you in control of repair and maintenance costs* Utilizing specialized work stands may prevent major production interruptions and significantly reduce your maintenance and repair costs over the lifetime of the equipment.
 *Adjustable height accommodates several truck heights* Allows technicians to maintain several height compatible machines with one stand.
 *Sliding top platform to for access to left and right side of truck* The revolutionary engineering of the sliding top platform utilizes a roller system with pin locks for additional safety. Additionally, the platform’s interchangeable 22”H guardrails provide fall protection for every placement of the platform.

 With a 25” adjustable-height capability, our Heavy Haul Work Stand Platforms accommodate several working heights for maintenance on different trucks within their range. The platform is on rollers so that it can be easily slid over to use on the opposite side and then pinned in place. 8” adjusting support feet underneath the platform provide additional stabilization and eases the load off the stand by leaning on the tires. 8” polyurethane lockable casters help with mobility, although we also offer a rough terrain package option. At its tallest height (150”), the jacks raise to 38” high and the articulating staircase is at a 50 degree angle, allowing a forward-facing descent, and is 200” long. At the shortest height (126”), the jacks are raised 13” high, the staircase has a 38 degree angle and the entire length of the stand is 223”.

 The 48”W stairway leading to the platform has raised dimple decking, providing excellent slip resistance. The large sliding top platform is 36”W by 125”L (3’ x 10.4’), and utilizes dimple decking as well. These maintenance platforms can help mines overcome key issues as well as job-related accidents. Safety and efficiency has been a key factor in the design of this technological advancement.

Komatsu 930 Haul Truck Platform

 We also have similar designs for Cat 793’s and Komatsu 830 trucks. We also offer different designs for a more cost-effective solution. Pictured below are variations on the design that were tailored to our clients budget.

Komatsu 930E Haul Truck Platform

Komatsu 930E Haul Truck Platform

 Every project is unique and requires a customized approach. We make it our priority to meet the specific challenges presented by our customers’ projects.  We do whatever is necessary to keep our customers and their businesses growing and strong.

 Rely on MP Industries to assist your facility by boosting production while reducing incidents. We can custom design and build work platforms for all of your truck maintenance needs. Our expertise includes in-house research and development, fully integrated manufacturing and an extensive materials line. With years of design, engineering and manufacturing experience, our dedicated staff can assist you from concept to completion in a timely fashion.

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