Aircraft Wheel and Brake Changer

Aircraft wheels and brakes are an integral part of the aircraft system. Aircraft maintenance technicians are frequently involved with these components as part of regular maintenance and service requirements. Our Wheel and Brake Changer has been developed for the safe removal and replacement of large aircraft wheels and brake packs.

The Wheel and Brake Changer is extremely maneuverable and easy to handle. It is fitted with a manually operated winch for lifting the brake packs from their transportation crates and placing them on the changer’s rollers prior to being fitted to the aircraft. Adjustable roller positions allow ease of selection for wheel or brake units. Our aircraft brake stand enables the technician to work safely and eliminates the need for lifting of the wheels, tires, or brake disc, thereby reducing worker strain and discomfort. This one man operation reduces the man-hour requirements to complete the task.

MP Industries, Inc. can engineer and manufacture an Aircraft Wheel and Brake Changer to meet the needs of your facility. Contact us for a professional consultation with our aviation sales technicians today.

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