Drum Crushers

Drum Crushers efficiently compress and reduce the volume of waste in order to facilitate transportation and recycling. Increase your facilities storage area by utilizing our 55 gallon drum crushers. MP Industries, Inc. offers a complete line of Drum Crushers that are safe, simple, and reliable to operate. Our drum crushers are designed and engineered to withstand the most challenging environments. Our entire product line of drum crushers are seal welded for strength and corrosion resistance. In addition, all of our drum crushers meet OSHA standards by enclosing the drum during compaction.

Our Hydraulic Drum Crusher effectively crushes a 55 gallon steel drum to approximately 6” high and resets automatically to repeat the process in only 25 seconds. The included Drum Compacting feature allows you to compact contents inside the crusher by removing the drum crushing platen. This convenient design gives you two pieces of equipment in one! Safety features include a pressure release valve and a door interlock system.

Our Mobile Gasoline Powered Drum Crusher allows you to save time by transporting the crusher to the area it is needed easily and efficiently. MP Industries, Inc. offers custom capabilities for your unique needs. Our drum crushers can be built to meet your unique safety requirements. We are experienced in meeting safety compliances worldwide. Contact us for a professional consultation with our sales technicians today.

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