Food Grade Aluminum Crossover Ladder

Our Food Grade Aluminum Crossover Ladders are manufactured using high quality aluminum. These ladders help get people safely up and over busy work areas, heavy traffic, danger zones and other obstacles or hazards. We offer various sizes and specifications to suit the diverse demands of our clients. Custom available!

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Food Grade Aluminum Crossover Ladder 

 Our Food Grade Aluminum Crossover Ladders are manufactured from Marine Grade Aluminum. They are specifically designed to fulfill the needs of the food service and food processing industries, but have a range of uses in other areas as well ( Pharmaceutical, medical, cleanrooms, aerospace, and MANY more!)

 The relative weight of our Food Grade Aluminum Crossover Ladders compared to a steel unit makes it a breeze to install and its aluminum construction also makes it virtually maintenance-free. Crossover ladders are efficient in places where you need permanent crossover points, but may be used anywhere you need to cross over conveyors, pipes or other obstructions.

We understand the importance of maximizing the capacity and efficiency of your food and beverage manufacturing facility to help increase your return on investment!


 • Aluminum construction  • 42"L x 24"W Platform
 • 36"H handrails with 18" mid-rails and 4" toe-boards  • Standard and Space Saving designs
 • Closed ends and smooth welds  • 500 lbs. capacity
 • 24"W x 7"D Diamond plate treads  • OSHA and ANSI compliant design
 • Milled finish  • Custom available!


 Our Food Grade Aluminum Crossover Ladders are ergonomically designed to facilitate an easy and safe climb. With a heavy-duty uniform capacity of 500 pounds, these ladders will stand up to the toughest industrial use. Our crossover work platforms meet or exceed OSHA and ANSI standards.

**All measurements in the table below represented in inches, pounds and $USD.

Food Grade Aluminum Crossover Ladders

  # Steps Platform
Base Dimensions   Under Clearance   Weight   Model # Price
 W  D  H
  Standard Size Crossover
3 30 66 26 88 28 34 132 ALFG-CO3024 $1,756.00
4 40 76 26 106 38 34 152.5  ALFG-CO4024 $1,906.00
5 50 86 26 124 48 34 171.5 ALFG-CO5024 $2,063.00
  Narrow Crossover (Space Saving Design)
3 30 66 26 78 28 24 118 ALFG-SCO3024 $1,679.00
4 40 76 26 96 38 24 138 ALFG-SCO4024 $1,985.00
5 50 86 26 114 48 24 158 ALFG-SCO5024 $2,300.00

Under Clearance:

Clean Room Crossover Ladder Underclearance

 If you have unique requirements, MP Industries, Inc. has the engineering expertise and manufacturing capability to provide you with a custom work platform or industrial ladder. Whether you need to an existing product altered or upgraded, or a completely new product engineered, fabricated, and delivered, MP Industries has the knowledge and experience to get the job done. We have designed and built custom work platforms and ladders to help our customers with all of their access needs. Contact our friendly and knowledgeable sales technicians for a professional consultation today!

Please call for additional options or custom designs.
MP Industries, Inc is your total access solution.
We can customize a Food Grade Aluminum Crossover Ladder to your specific needs. 
Please call (888) 858-6368 or (765) 357-8263 or (765) 35-STAND.
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